Half-Day Masterclass Workshops

7th July 2023 | 14.00 hrs.

Enhancing PX Performance Re-Building Patient Trust – Post COVID

Workshop Leader

Terence (Terry) Grundy

Managing Partner: Experienced Coach & Trainer, Customer Experience and Quality Improvement
Grundy & Associates

Patient expectations (and the journey maps) have changed. Since 2018 many hospitals have shifted their patient experience strategies to customer service and convenience, with Hospitals increasing their focus on front office service and in-hospital concierge. Customer service surveys now proliferate with new CX platforms now incorporating pre-hospital on-line assessments and social media perceptions. The goal being to improve a facility’s NPS. The patient journey model has shifted as a result.

While the alignment of innovative technology is a positive move – why haven’t outcomes improved?  In the past 5 years research shows:

  • Limited improvement in survey scores (in fact going backwards)
  • Limited improvement in clinical outcomes
  • Limited improvement in financial returns


The focus on the in-hospital experience with CARE has declined, and COVID has only magnified the problem. If care has declined, it doesn’t matter how good customer service is – the patient experience will be perceived as poor and clinical outcomes not achieved.

Patients come to healthcare seeking safe, reliable, and compassionate care. The typical drivers of patient experience; communication, engagement and compassion; (particularly with nursing care and doctor care) remain strong, however COVID factors added a dimension, specifically relating to safety and trust in the healthcare provider. The workshop will coach participants in how to re-build trust through empathy, specifically the willingness of providers to acknowledge patients’ fears, but to then operationalise empathic behaviours and actions.

Other evidence-based tactics coached in the workshop include Nurse Leader Rounding on Patients, Teach Back Communication, Bedside Shift Reporting and Waiting Time Management. The workshop concludes with a focus on how to HARDWIRE leadership to ensure improvement is sustained.

This masterclass workshop is NOT about the data, or how it is collected. It will showcase evidence-based, international best practice tactics to implement PATIENT CARE improvement, thereby accelerating improvements in the patient experience.

Learning Outcomes: 

As a result of this Masterclass, you will be able to:

  • Understand the true meaning of patient experience and what impacts a positive outcome.
  • Identify the impact that COVID has had on patient perceptions and future implications.
  • Redesign the care services that you deliver to ensure greater patient engagement and communication.
  • Understand the impact that employee/physician culture has on the patient experience and clinical/financial outcomes.
  • Understand that even the best tactics will not work unless there is hardwired leadership to sustain efforts.